We have been cleaning commercial spaces for over 30 years and we have seen it all! We know there are a few cleaning tips that can keep your commercial space feeling and looking clean. These tips NEED to be done at each clean to make sure your space is healthy and fit to work in. 

Disinfect, Disinfect and Disinfect.

 This might sound obvious but we have seen cleaners not do this in the past. Wiping objects down is not enough. To stop germs from spreading you need to make sure your spaces are being disinfected aswell. 

Take out the rubbish regularly.

 If your using the commercial bin everyday, it should be taken out everyday. 

Wipe down high touch points regularly.

 Elevator buttons, bathroom doors, meeting rooms – high touch points need to be cleaned more often. By keeping these clean, it will help the office or commercial space feel cleaner.

The power of a vaccum

Don’t forget to vaccum each clean escpically if you have carpeted floors. So much dust and dirt hides on the floor and gets moved around and into the air we breathe in. By vaccuming every clean it will not let dust and dirt built up and will keep your office clean and healthy for your workers and customers.

These are our top commercial cleaning tips, there are many more we could share but these would have to be the main important cleaning tricks that anyone can implement today to make sure their office is feeling fresh and clean.




Why It Is Important To Have A Clean Car Park

Why It Is Important To Have A Clean Car Park

Do you have a car park in Sydney? Having a clean car park helps to create a good impression for visitors and customers. A clean car park can improve safety by removing potential hazards such as litter, debris or slippery surfaces. It also makes it easier for drivers to see clearly and navigate the car park without any obstructions. Finally, a clean car park can be more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of pollution and waste that can accumulate in a dirty car park.

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