My experience with DW and in particular Lyn Wright has been very positive. I find Lyn and her team very responsive, responsible and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending Douglas Wright Pty Ltd as service providers for any of their related services to any strata plan fortunate enough to secure their services.

John Hargreaves – Chairman & Secretary, Bristol on Sinclair

I can rely on Douglas Wright to fulfil the many requests we ask them. Some requests have not been part of the contract, but they are always willing to help and do an excellent job. Douglas Wright is highly experienced and dedicated to the work they do – our building would be a mess without them!

Belinda Norton – Chairperson, Bristol on Sinclair

Given the demonstrated skills and experience required to successfully facilitate the needs of Rhodes House in all areas I can highly recommend the services of Douglas Wright for any similar role.

David Bromley – Resident of Rhodes House

The general presentation of the building has improved markedly with maintenance requests being dealt with promptly and efficiently, without exception. From the commencement of their tenure Douglas Wright employees have shown professionalism and care in their handling of work. Their ability to manage difficult situations and liaise with a wide variety of clients, including owners, tenants, and tradespeople and so on have proven to be unsurpassed and invaluable to the strata plan. In their role as caretakers Douglas Wright have quickly gained respect for their competence and friendly, approachable attitude. As such I have no hesitation in recommending them in this capacity.

Paul Down – Chairman, The Palisades

Douglas Wright researches the market extensively and ensures all contractors quoting are appropriately qualified and possess the appropriate insurances. They also seem to always be able to ferret out extremely competitive quotes and as a result have saved the strata scheme many thousands of dollars over the years.

Douglas Wright takes a pro-active approach and work with members of the committee to ensure the smooth operation of the strata Scheme.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Strata Management of The Palisades has been made significantly easier for Dunns’ Strata Consulting because of the tireless efforts of Douglas Wright and we have no hesitation in commending their skills as Building Managers or cleaning contractors indeed any other role to which they feel their skills would be suited.

Matthew Dunn – Strata Manager/Partner, Dunns’ Strata Consulting

We have found Douglas Wright to be a very professional company, with skilled meticulous staff, modern equipment and a willingness to undertake works that may not relate to their contractual obligations, but often at short notice undertake nonetheless to assist in the smooth management of our large residential complex. 

Michael Postchild – Building Manager, Moore Park Gardens

I have worked with Douglas Wright Group Pty Ltd for nearly two years now. The company that I work for have been using them for approximately ten years. They are extremely professional and maintain a good standard on all the locations. I would highly recommend the Managing Director Lyn Wright and her team to anyone. Lyn has become my go to person for any cleaning issues. She is honest, reliable and gone above all my expectations.

Michael Collins – Property Manager, Gwynvill Properties

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