Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions will supersede all others including the Terms and Conditions of the Customer. No goods or services will be provided by the Douglas Wright Group Pty Ltd on any Terms or Conditions other than those set out below and by signing the document the Customer will be considered to consent to these Terms and Conditions.


  • “The Company, we, us, and our” – means Douglas Wright Group Pty Ltd or (DWG)
  • “The Customer” means the person/s, firm or company who is the beneficiary of the supply of goods or services
  • “Goods” means any consumable items provided by DWG for use at the customers site.
  • “Services” means the services provided by DWG at the premises requested by the Customer.


  • The Contract shall exist on an ongoing basis and may be terminated by either party giving 30 days’ notice in writing. Prices are usually calculated as an annual sum and is then divided into 12 equal monthly payments. No deduction or discount will be applicable if any unused service days – including Easter, Christmas, and other gazetted holidays or periods where a customer may close their premises. The Contract does not include the provision of a service on Public holidays unless specified accordingly. All prices quoted exclude GST. Any additional services which are not part of the original agreement will incur an extra charge. The contract will automatically roll over to the following year if the Client does not terminate within the termination period, unless there is a specified end date.
  • We reserve the right to alter our fees should the scope or complexity of the work change from that originally contracted or from time to time as required. Should a change in fee be necessary, written notice will be given after consultation and invoicing will be amended from the date the change occurred.


  • All invoices shall become due for payment 14 days from date of issue. All monthly accounts are invoiced in arrears and sent via email on the first day of each month and are payable on 14-day terms.
  • At no time can the client short pay or postpone payment without acknowledgment by DWG.
  • DWG may charge a late payment fee of not over 15% of the value of the overdue invoice.
  • The Customer agrees to pay and reimburse DWG for any legal costs or expenses incurred by DWG in regard to the preparation of a contract other than our standard agreement together with all collection, enforcement costs and expenses which DWG may incur regarding the supply of goods or services to the Customer including (without limitation) legal costs on a full Indemnity basis.
  • Please email us at accounts@douglaswright.com.au for all account enquiries.


  • DWG reserve the right to apply an annual CPI increase.
  • DWG only accepts cheques or direct deposit payments. Any dishonoured cheque(s) will incur a $60.00 administration fee per cheque.
  • All prices are subject to the current rate of GST.

5.Cancellation of Service

One months’ written notice, or one months’ charges in lieu of notice is required should you choose to terminate the service. Upon termination, all fees prior to and after the termination are payable immediately.

6.Service Claims

The Customer must inform DWG in writing of any claims or dissatisfaction of service within 24 hours in order for us to investigate and rectify the situation.

7.Force Majure

  • DWG will be exempt from carrying out its duties under this Agreement for any unforeseen circumstances and will not incur any costs, nor bear damages, for the withdrawal of the service (i.e. Client changes to locks, acts of nature, bankruptcy, etc.) Under these conditions DWG shall be paid irrespective of these changes.

8.Mischances and Damages on hand

  • All DWG employees/subcontractors are deemed to be covered by Public Liability Insurance. DWG won’t be held responsible for any incidental harm brought about by DWG employees/subcontractors. Damages to a client site must be reported in writing to DWG within 24 hours

9.Changes in Ownership

  • If ownership of the Customer’s business changes, the Customer will remain liable for all debts incurred on this account until DWG is notified in writing of such change.

10.Change of Worker

  • DWG reserves the right to assign a new cleaner, with notification to the client should it be necessary.

11.Prohibitive Covenant

  • The Customer agrees that from the date of termination of this contract, the Customer will not engage any DWG employee/subcontractor to work directly for the Customer in any capacity, or render services to, any person or organisation that is or was a customer of DWG. The client understands and irrevocably agrees to be liable for a penalty fee of 3 invoices of the contract price per person should they directly employ, legally or on a cash basis, any cleaner or staff member without the prior permission of the DWG, within 1 year of the termination of the contract, or termination of the employee’s employment.


  • The Terms of this contract between DWG and the Customer are governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales Australia.

13.Data Protection

  • We operate a data protection policy, and we do not share your information with anyone, including third parties. However, where a warrant or an order is made in pursuance with fraud, or illegal activities we will make such information available to law enforcement officers.


DWG Agrees to:

  • Apply the services referred to on an ongoing basis in accordance with the DWG Terms & Conditions until the termination of this agreement by either party giving 30 days’ notice in writing
  • Comply with current legislation.
  • Conduct itself courteously.
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of your premises.
  • Conduct regular site visits to verify quality assurance standards.

The Customer Agrees to:

  • Provide access, i.e. keys, codes etc. to DWG for cleaning outside business hours
  • Advise DWG of any restrictions or any part thereof, as DWG cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage whatsoever if it has not confirmed in writing that it has received such advice.
  • Settle all accounts by the due date.
  • Communicate any accidents or damages to DWG within 24 hours in writing.
  • Advise DWG of any contractual changes i.e. customer information, opening/closing times etc.

The Customer verifies that, the information provided in this Agreement is correct and has read the Agreement and agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

Agreed and Accepted

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