There are several ways to have a greener workplace but reading all the ways to do it can be overwhelming. Here are the best places to start in your Sydney office:

  1. Encouraging employees to use reusable water bottles and coffee cups. Supplying them is a great way to encourage this.
  2. Reducing paper usage by implementing digital documents and communication. 
  3. Recycling paper, plastic, and other materials.
  4. Using energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances.
  5. Encouraging carpooling or offering incentives for employees who use public transportation or bike to work.

 This is just a start. Council websites offer great information if you wish to go on more of a greener journey. Here at Douglas Wright we offer environmently friendly cleaning products to encourage a less toxic office space. Enquire with us today about this service.



Why It Is Important To Have A Clean Car Park

Why It Is Important To Have A Clean Car Park

Do you have a car park in Sydney? Having a clean car park helps to create a good impression for visitors and customers. A clean car park can improve safety by removing potential hazards such as litter, debris or slippery surfaces. It also makes it easier for drivers to see clearly and navigate the car park without any obstructions. Finally, a clean car park can be more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of pollution and waste that can accumulate in a dirty car park.

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