Happy Friday everyone!

Here in the office we have always been ‘clean freaks’ but since COVID has hit us and this crazy winter with all the viruses we have really lifted our game! Here are a few cleaning tips to keep your office space that little bit extra clean. . . 

Tip one: Vaccum the tops of your books

Starting with a crazy one, you read it correctly, vacuum your books! If you have a book shelf, full of books, this is a no brainer. It takes too long to clean your books individually, just vacuum the top of them, which will draw out a lot of the dust and you are good to go!

Tip two: Clean your air vents 

This one is always at the top of our list when cleaning our office and others spaces. Your air quality is so important. Clean your filters and your air vents regularly so you can breathe in that clean air!

Tip three: Make the whole room smell good while you vacuum by sprinkling carpet refresher/deodorants.

A clever way to make your space feel ever more clean is to make it smell clean. Once you have vacuumed your carpet, give it a spray and it will make the whole office feel fresh, germ free and a place your want to work in.

Tip four: Use equipment wipes often on your computer keyboard 

Your using your keyboard everyday so this is a great starting point and an easy fix to your cleaning worries!

Tip five: Use a solution of 70% alcohol and water to clean your phone and tablet

This tip has been floating around for awhile, so this is your reminder to clean your phone screen! We are touching it all day, everyday – so lets keep it clean!

These are just some tips to get you started, if you would like to know please let us know – we could talk about this all day!

To find out more about the types of deep cleaning we do for office spaces in Sydney click here. Have a great Friday Sydney, we are always here to support you and your business.


Why It Is Important To Have A Clean Car Park

Why It Is Important To Have A Clean Car Park

Do you have a car park in Sydney? Having a clean car park helps to create a good impression for visitors and customers. A clean car park can improve safety by removing potential hazards such as litter, debris or slippery surfaces. It also makes it easier for drivers to see clearly and navigate the car park without any obstructions. Finally, a clean car park can be more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of pollution and waste that can accumulate in a dirty car park.

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