We know Sydney schools are growing in size each year and the health and safety of everyone on site is essential.

Providing a clean and healthy environment is a fundamental objective of every school so all children and staff can thrive and parents can be reassured.


Check out our tips below to help reach this goal: 

Appoint  an experienced, trustworthy and professional cleaning company.  

It is essential that the school is cleaned to a high standard on a daily basis to ensure germs, bacteria and other viruses are eliminated.

Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of high touchpoint areas, bathrooms, classrooms and staffrooms, vacuuming and mopping floors, proper removal of rubbish etc. is all essential.

Regular Cleaning

Treat every day as a new day. Thorough cleaning and disinfecting throughout the school must be completed everyday school day

Deep Cleaning

While regular cleaning is crucial, many high use area’s of a school also need regular extra deep cleans.

Most often these are conducted during the holiday period where cleaners can address them without interruption from students or staff.

An example would be steam cleaning carpets or machine scrubbing bathroom tiled floors

Personal Hygiene

Active and visible personal hygiene is also essential when it comes to reducing the spread of germs and bacteria at a school.

Regular washing of hands, sneezing into the elbow are examples.

It is also important that personal hygiene products are readily available throughout the school. An example being Hand Sanitiser in all classrooms and staff rooms.

Educating students about PH is also extremely important.

Re-use and Recycle

We see the positive effect re-using and recycling has on our environment.

We greatly reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill. Less waste helps the school stay cleaner.

Identify some of the things that can be recycled in the School, such as paper, plastic and glass, and start a recycling program that encourages students to cultivate the habit.  


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