If you are the owner of a commercial space or an office, then you will need a commercial cleaner to help you look after the health and safety of your people and for yourself. Here is what to look for when hiring a commercial cleaning company:

  1. Insurance for the Employees

Unfortunately, accidents do happen – we are all human! So insurance is a must. Partner with a company that has public liability and workers compensation, so you are never exposed in case there is a misfortune

2. Are they Covid – 19 trained?

Covid trained is a new skill, and therefor is a point to double-check. Companies must go through the covid training to be able to clean at the right standards. For the rest of 2020 and for 2021 it would support you if your cleaners were covid-19 trained in case you need your space to be disinfected.

3. Tools and Supplies

Following on from point 2, make sure the cleaners are using disposable cloths. Because of covid, you need to prevent cross-infection. Ask your commercial cleaners about the tools and supplies they use.

4. Policed checked/working with children check – This is a common question you should ask your potential cleaning partners. Working with people you can trust and rely on will take away any stress you may have.

5. Services offered – last but not least, make sure they are offering the services you need. Each space is unique and requires different cleaning and maintenance services. Having the company visit your site and go through your needs is a must before choosing your office cleaner.

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