Is it your responsibility to keep your strata cleaning and building in optimum condition? 2020 has been a tough year to navigate with COVID pressures making it increasingly important to be on top of your strata cleaning schedule, not only to make everyone feel safe but to ensure everyone can enjoy their time at home. Which brings us to our question – How do Strata Managers thrive in 2020? We have worked with many Strata Managers in Sydney to help maintain their property and everyone’s expectations. There are some measures you can take to keep the property a pleasant environment for everyone and ensure you end the year with a bang!

1.One call does it all

The best place to start is to find that right support team that can help with it all. Revise your contact list, who can you call that can help you with garbage chutes, cleaning your car park, maintain the gardens, window cleaning and the list goes on.  Find that one call that can do it all. They will understand your budget, your building and build that relationship which is profoundly beneficial to your spaces!

2. Immediate response 24/7 for all emergencies

We understand that some things cannot wait a couple of days – or even 24 hours! Have you got that person you can call any time of day or night? Finding that person or company can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. Finding this kind of service is vital for Strata Managers.

3.Guarantee great results at a fair price

This tip follows on from point 1. If you find that company that can manage your strata cleaning and the rest for you then generally you can predict their monthly bill. They will not charge you through the roof with surprise fees. If you have any questions, we can help lead you through 2020 and all the obstacles that Commercial and Strata Cleaning entails.

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