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Antiviral Cleaning & Sanitising or Full Decontamination Cleaning


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DWG operates two distinct levels of Antiviral cleaning services:

Antiviral Cleaning & Sanitising

This cleaning process is recommended for customers wanting to provide a significantly higher level of cleaning and disinfecting than their normal cleaning procedures.

The process involves the professional and detailed cleaning and disinfecting of Hard Surfaces throughout the work environment using hospital grade disinfectants, bleach and disposable cleaning equipment.

Naturally employees will be following all the guidelines set out by the Government however this process also provides staff with the knowledge that their employer is taking additional steps to provide a safe work place

Some of the area’s covered include:

  • Kitchens – all benches, appliances, water coolers, switches, cupboard fronts and handles
  • Bathrooms – all handles and doors, fixtures and fittings, hand driers, dispensers, sills and ledges, switches, cisterns, seats, lids, pans, urinals and commonly touched areas
  • Meeting rooms – arms of chairs, switches, tables, door handles and equipment
  • Door handles, lift buttons & light switches in all common areas
  • Desks, phones and keyboards
  • Machinery if applicable

Decontamination Cleaning

In the event of an infection or close contact and self-isolating, a full Decontamination Clean will be required.

This process includes hard surfaces and high contact areas as above plus walls, hard floors & carpeted floors.

DWG have a team on standby to carry out these detailed and thorough cleans.

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