Garbage Chutes

At Douglas Wright we have developed a unique process for the cleaning and sanitising of garbage chutes. This process has been developed in-house and is the only one of its kind in Australia.


  • A system developed to clean and sanitise garbage chutes by eliminating odours, vermin, harmful bacteria and flammable grease
  • The unique “Hydra Jet” system to thoroughly clean built-up grime and sanitise an entire garbage chute system, including compactor rooms, bins and hopper doors
  • Ensuring your bins and garbage chutes are kept clean to comply with the rules and regulations of local Councils and the Environmental Protection Act – key WH&S issues, along with Work Cover regulations
  • Knowing exactly how to tackle one of the most neglected areas in residential high-rise, by implementing a trusted and safe workplace policy, is vital when working in such high-risk areas for hygiene. If the garbage chute smells it will permeate through to every level, increasing the chances of inhaling airborne germs or spreading unpleasant odours throughout your building
  • Preventing poor quality air, often referred to as “sick building syndrome”. This can be caused by an unclean garbage chute
  • Preventing your garbage chutes becoming breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and pathogens, such as tuberculosis, Weils disease spread by rodents, salmonella, E coli, listeria, and many more that develop quickly in discarded food and refuse receptacles
  • Preventing germs and bacteria becoming airborne every time the garbage chute door is opened. Thorough cleaning of your garbage chute not only shows your commitment to providing a clean and safe building free of germs, but also greatly lessens the risk of a fire starting in the garbage chute itself

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